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What is LetSpinio?
Gamify Your Lead Gen Now & Convert Upto Every 3rd Visitor Into a Subscriber!
Being First of its Kind, LetSpinio is a Full Featured Lead Generation Platform (SaaS Web App) that Leverages the Power of Gamification to Use the Inherent Human Curiosity of Playing & Winning Gifts in a Fortune Wheel Game.
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17th FEB
11 AM
Expect Huge Commissions With Our Proven Funnel That Converts
( Upto $302 Per Click )
LetSpinio Elite
  • LetSpin
  • Outcome Weightage (Intelligent Wheel) 
  • Fully Customizable Fortune Wheel 
  • Shopify Plugin
  • Wordpress Plugin
  • Express Shopify Checkout Plugin
  • AutoResponders Integration
  • Webinars Integration
  • Email Validation 
  • Image Editor 
  • Theme Engine
  • Customisable Form Builder
  • 5 DFY Wheel Themes
  • 5 Domain License
  • Unlimited Optins
  • Built in Library
  • Youzign Integration
  • Zapier Integration 
  • Campaign Level Integration 
  • Add your Brand Logo in the Wheel 
  • Live Campaign/ Wheel Preview 
    • Advance Show up Conditions (On Page Load, On Exit, X Time on Page, X Percentage of Scroll)
  • Display URL Targeting
  • Mobile Optimised Wheel
  • Multiple Action Types on Win (Redirect URL, Close Popup, Reirect URL in New Tab, Copy Coupon) 
  • Leads Export as CSV File 
  • In Depth Training
LetSpinio Platinum
  • Outsourcer License with Unlimited Users & Access Level Roles
  • Reminder Widget
  • Scarcity Bars 
  • Follow Up Widget 
  • Countdown Timers 
  •  Advanced Show Up Conditions for Desktop (After X Time on Page, After X % Scroll, Load Up Widget)
  •  Advanced Show Up Conditions for Mobile (After X Time on Page, After X % Scroll, Load Up Widget)
  • Advanced Display URL Targeting (Exclude URL & Referral URL conditions) 
  • Detailed Reporting (Export as CSV and PDF) 
  • Show LetSpin Wheel on Click and Load Up Widget 
  • Customizable Floating Widget
  • One Click Clone Campaigns
  • Campaign Specific Multi Action Automations 
  • Wheel Animations
  • Wheel Sounds
  • No Branding
  • Daily/Weekly Email Reports 
  • Repeat Show up Conditions 
  • Lead Generation Masterclass 
LetSpinio Jacker
  • Run LetSpin Campaigns on Any Third Party Website
  • WhitelabelDomain Name 
  • Detailed Reporting and Stats (Jacker)
  • Integration with Buffer
  • Unlimited Domain License
  • Custom CSS 
  • Remove Branding 
  • FullContact Integration
  • Customise Branding 
  • Facebook & other Social Media Sharing Customizable 
  • Emoji Integration 
  • Detailed User Card 
  • Done for you Lead Magnet Vault
LetSpinio Template Club
  • Professionally Designed LetSpinio Templates 
  • 100 Templates 
  • Templates with Commercial License 
  • US, UK - All Major Calendar Events Covered
  • Facebook 7 Figure VIP Group 
LetSpinio Agency
  • Easiest Way to Earn 4 Figures Every Month
  • Upto 500 Agency Accounts
  • LockerKosh 
  • We Handle the Support
Front End  Features
Fully Customisable Theme Engine 
Intelligent Wheel 
Fully Customisable Fortune Wheel
Create wheel themes as per your suitability with our inbuilt theme engine. Advanced, Fast & simple.
Decide when, how and what will the user get after spinning the wheel with our Intelligent & Smart system.
 Decide what, when are where to show your wheel with our Fully Customisable Fortune heel.
Autoresponders Integration 
Live Campaign and Wheel Preview 
Zapier Integration
Integrate your leads/emails with your favourite autoresponders and leave everything else to us. 
See the live preview of your Wheel Theme and Campaign right in your LetSpinio dashboard. 
Integrate your LetSpinio account with Zapier and open the world of possibilities 
Advanced Campaign Management 
Campaign Triggering  
Shopify & Express Shopify Plugin
Edit, Archive, Pause or Activate your campaigns, all with a Single Click! 
Choose when to show the LetSpinio wheel on your page, either on Page Load or Exit Intent
Want to show LetSpinio on your Shopify store or want to show it on your Shopify checkout page, don’t worry.  
 and many more...
OTO1 Features
Countdown Timer 
Follow Up Widget 
Outsourcer License With Unlimited Users and Access Roles 
Create FOMO and increase conversions by displaying a Countdown Timer to the user. After the timer ends, the wheel closes automatically.  
When your visitor decides to close the wheel without playing it, you can follow up your visitor with the help of the Follow Up widget. 
Get Outsourcer License . Also add users to your domain and assign the Access Roles (Admin, Editor, Analyst) as per your needs.  
Reminder Widget
Advanced URL targeting 
Scarcity Bar 
 Remind your visitor to claim the coupon/free product by showing a Reminder Widget.
Choose where to show your campaign , which pages to Exclude and you can also choose Referrer.
Make the users spin the wheel by showing a Scarcity Bar below your form and see the sky-high conversions.
Detailed Reporting 
Advanced Campaign Triggerring
Weekly/Monthly Reporting 
Analyse your campaigns and see where and when your visitors are coming from! Looks vibrant, right? 
Choose when to show up your campaign on mobile as well as desktop either on X% Scroll, on a Load Up widget, on Click of a Button, after X time on Page etc.
Enable Email reporting under settings and receive weekly/monthly summary of your LetSpinio account. 
 and many more...... 
OTO2 Features 
Run LetSpin Campaigns on any third party website 
Removable/Customisable Branding 
Unlimited Domains
Leverage Authority websites & capture leads from them by showing LetSpin wheel campaign on them. 
Remove and Customise branding on your LetSpinio wheel. 
Add Unlimited Domains to your LetSpinio account with LetSpinio Jacker. 
Whitelabel Domain
Buffer Integration 
FirstContact Integration
Add your own White Label Domain to LetSpinio dashboard & use them for overlay campaigns.
Integrate your LetSpinio account with Buffer and post your Overlay campaigns to your social media.
Integrate your LetSpinio account with FullContact and get your leads social media profiles 
and many more.... 
Affiliate Tools
Over $10,000 in Cash Prizes
Plus Extra Cash Prizes During Launch

We always pay out big during launches - LetSpinio will be no different !
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Gaurav Madaan
Team Geekotech & JV Manager
Saurabh Bhatnagar
Team Geekotech & JV Manager
Vipul Garg
CEO, LetX & Product Creator
Yogesh Bhatt
Head Marketing, LetX & Product Creator

Affiliate Terms and Conditions:

Under Any Circumstances Affiliates must NOT use the following methods to promote our offers:
  1. Mailing to email lists that do not allow recipients to unsubscribe.
  2. Mailing to email lists via 3rd party systems or systems/emails that contravene the CanSpam laws.
  3. Mailing to email lists with subject lines like – “Make Money Now”… “How I Got Rich” … etc.
We request this to minimize bounce rates & complaints and we always suggest that you qualify your subscribers/lists before mailing offers to avoid complaints or low click/conversion rates. Sending "Spam" traffic from services such as Ad Fly or Traffic Monsoon - This type of "low cost" traffic negatively impacts conversion rates and rankings and you will be banned from this and future promotions if you use it.
  • Using cash rebates. Using negative words such as ‘scam’ in any PPC or promotional campaign.
  • Using cookie stuffing or other methods of link hijacking.

Applying to promote to simply "self-buy" is strictly against our terms. We monitor for this practice and we reserve the right to cancel your account, your affiliate account, and cancel any commissions earned.

Do not misrepresent our product/offer and follow all endorsement rules and regulations that are applicable both in the country where you are based and in the countries from which you are sending traffic or advertising in. FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect on May 2015. Please ensure you have reviewed these guidelines and comply where necessary with your marketing practices. will be used as the payment processor and affiliate program management platform, so please ensure you also follow all the standard Terms & Conditions.
Anyone found to be promoting our products in breach of these terms and conditions will be removed from our promotion programs without notice and any commissions marked null and void.

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